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Did you pay Dealer Fees when you bought your last car?

No dealer fees here

Dealers are permitted to charge a fee (or fees) that are supposed to offset the cost of preparing forms and getting the vehicle ready for delivery. This is just another way a dealership can make money. In some states, these fees are illegal! Car dealers will use various names including Document Fee, Dealer Prep Charge, Admin Fee, Dealer Fee, and Delivery Fee. The bottom line is that it increases the cost of buying a vehicle.

Since some dealers charge as much as $1,000 or more in dealer fees, the lowest price on a vehicle may not mean that you got the best deal. That is why we offer a detailed, 'out the door' price, so you can see exactly what it costs you to buy a vehicle from us. And to make sure you get the best deal, we encourage you do the same when price shopping at other dealerships. Don’t find out the hard way AFTER you’ve made a purchase.

How can you be sure you are getting the best deal? Ask for a Buyers Order or Bill of Sale BEFORE you agree to purchase the vehicle. That should show all the costs associated with the vehicle purchase. If that dealership balks at getting that for you, it's probably because they have something to hide. Bottom line: consider ALL fees before you sign paperwork to buy any vehicle.

At Wells Motor Company, you can be assured that you will not pay any fees that are not required by state or federal law. Period. All you pay is sales tax, title fee, and tag, on top of the price we agree to. It’s just that simple. Isn't that the way it should be?

After over 82 years of doing business, we still don't charge any dealer fees...and we never will!